Friday, August 12, 2011

Nobby & Ready's guess at the final Premier League places

Nobby first. Of course I support a team that play in the 3rd Division but thought it would be fun to attempt to pick how the English Premier League will finish in May 2012. Here we go:

1. Manchester United
2. Chelsea
3. Manchester City
4. Liverpool
5. Arsenal
6. Bolton
7. Tottenham
8. Stoke City
9. Sunderland
10. Aston Villa
11. Fulham
12. West Brom
13. Wolves
14. Everton
15. Wigan Athletic
16. Norwich City
17. Newcastle United
18. Swansea
19. QPR
20. Blackburn

The title for Man U quite comfortably, Arsenal to miss out on the top 4, Bolton, WBA and Stoke to have excellent seasons, Wolves to improve, Everton to start badly, Newcastle to start even worse and toy with relegation, Norwich to survive just and Blackburn to join QPR and Swansea in the Championship next season

This is Ready's effort:

1. Chelsea
2. Man Utd
3. Man City
4. Tottenham
5. Liverpool
6. Arsenal
7. Everton
8. Aston Villa
9. Fulham
10. Stoke
11. Sunderland
12. West Brom
13. Bolton
14. Newcastle
15. Wolves
16. Blackburn
17. Norwich
18 Wigan
19 QPR
20 Swansea

So Keith has Chelsea winning the title and his beloved Spurs in the Champions League spot. Arsenal to miss Europe all together and Everton to do far better than I think with Villa to have a good crack at Europe. Keith has Wigan relegated along with QPR and the Swans, with Newcastle and Blackburn to struggle.

What do you think?

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