Friday, August 12, 2011


For the newbie's amongst you and as a reminder to the oldies, the panel on the left is designed to help you navigate around this very simple blog and also help you in your quest for N&R FL glory.

I've written a blog for years and if you are at the depths of boredom feel free to click on my blog to see what I am up to, when I'm not of course fumbling around with this.

Then there are loads of links that are meant to help you with this whole fantasy football thing. Injury news, player and team stats, player career histories on Soccerbase, betting odds, a live game listing plus the Premier League player list that we use from the Daily Telegraph are linked.

For bedtime reading I have listed a range of pretty good websites and writers that I like, and I will try to add to this shortly.

Then the N&R Road to Wembley team is linked, see post below this one.

Finally the list of past champions, Bermuda's weather solely to irritate you and 7 years of N&R FL blog archives after we moved on from the old A4 format.

Enjoy and feel free to comment with any suggestions, or otherwise after each post. We would be glad to hear from you.

Nobby & Ready

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