Friday, August 12, 2011

The N&R Weekly Bet

This season Nobby & Ready will have a little weekly bet (usingg the entry money collected in the New Moon of course) on 3 Premier League weekend matches. Each week it will be a £2 treble using the odds offered on Betfair. Simples, at least you would think so!

We'll keep a tally of how we get on over the course of the season for a bit of a laugh. So, for the opening games, week 1, we plumped for the following:

Fulham v Aston Villa DRAW - CORRECT
Liverpool v Sunderland HOME - WRONG
Wigan v Norwich AWAY - WRONG

£2 stake. Winning potential £20.74. Winnings £0

Fulham v Aston Villa DRAW - CORRECT
West Brom v Man U AWAY - CORRECT
Man C v Swansea HOME - CORRECT (bastard!)

£2 stake. Winning potential £13.82. Winnings £13.82

Running total:
Ready £13.82 (positive)
Nobby £2 (negative)

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