Monday, August 22, 2011

Irish gold

N&R Division 2 - week 1 update
MoW surges to top spot of Div 2 after the first round of matches. Hills was in the USA last week getting her fill of baseball and budweiser and will be happy to be back in Blighty and see he Pure Irish name at the top of the fledgling league table.

Soozie's Gooner Go Up are second and we know she is desparate to get promotion back to Div 1, and 49 points was a very good start. 3 points behind in 3rd is another ex-champion Barry Plummer and his 2Infinity & beyond and in 4th iswas another relegated manager, Scott and Morgan's Machines.

The No Hopers, Glasgow kiss, Conan's Destroyers, Kiwi Fantastic,Luke & Carroll's Adventures in Wonderland, Sons of pitches, Full Metal Jacket and Dalton Worblers make up the very early promotion pack.

We must mention Tony Murray and Hammer Nation who at 19th in the table is higher than at any point last season - well done Tone. Also Rutts' Goonersmoan who find themselves in the very sad prized penultimate place position, i.e. the 69th best score. Team mate Wenners and Lazarus Utd are bottom, but so are Blackburn and it's early.... Oh.

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