Monday, February 25, 2013

N&R Cup 2nd Round Draw

(Re)Insurance's most treasured fantasy football cup competition gets back under way in week 29. 64 teams are left and they will be whittled down to 32 with the gleaming and famous, at least outside the New Moon, N&R Cup is at stake.

A little while ago I tore by myself a sheet of A4 into 64 pieces, folded them up and put them in an Ironshore cap and then proceeded to pull them out one by one and this is what happened:

N&R Cup 2nd Round Draw
Chris Wright v Brett Davey
Alastair Bigg v John McGowan
Paul Hodges v Neil Reynolds
Rob Munden v Lee Baughan
Peter Doyle v Richard Richards
Luke Sloan v Ken Cobbett
Ben Guarino v Alan Oakley
Mark Wenman v Lee Horne
Paul Keaveney v Graham Ward
Mark Dewberry v Brian Rutter
Steve Merchant v Neil Wallis
Ian France v Ian Kennett
Kate Chillman v Michael Stout
James Stiff v James Down
P&C Long v Tony Murray
Geoff McCormick v Henry Williams
Andrew Shepherd v Greg Foulger
Tim Harris v Mark Sterry
Dan Duboux v Steve Black
Jason Syrett v Barry Paull
Alex Boswell v Simon Newport
Mark Gregory v Andi Turner
Dan Weeks v Chris Minchell
Soozie Saveall v Barry Plummer
Danny Rose v Richard Nathan
Peter Godfrey v Martin Singleton
Alan Waters v Aaron Bardon
Ryan Saveall v Huw Thomas
Neil Addington v Kirsty Baillie
Ricky Wood v Simon Ward
Neil Bixby v Keith Read
Neville White v John Hardiman

There you have it. Ties to look out for? Bigg v McGowan, Jason Syrett v Paull or Soozie v Plummer maybe? Bix taking on Ready or what about Thomas away to Sav? Experienced sloggers Francey and Kenentt match up as do Munden and Sweaty.

Horne v Wenners should be worth a side bet as would Dewbs v Rutts and current N&R Cup Champ Chillers hosts Stout.

Ties to be played over week 29. Draws will result in a replay. Good luck all.

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