Monday, August 15, 2011


This will be the biggest ever N&R FL season. Literally I get people stopping me in the street asking to play. Honestly I do.

We have 70 managers, from 8 different countries plus Wardy, who lives in his own world, so 9 really. Some of you have been with us since the beginning, but most for a fair number of seasons. Some of you we lost, but luckily regained including record point scorer Paul Kelleher, Giles Crowley and Huw Thomas, now working and living in Tokyo and Adelaide respectively.

We have 10 new managers. A big welcome to you all. We hope you join in with what the yooth call interaction, but I prefer the old phrase of piss taking. We also have a few extra birds this time out, have no fear you will find Ready and I very fair on the sexism front.

The weekly scores come from the Daily Telegraph and appear in the newspaper around each Wednesday. Our Scoresmith then sits in his converted Scientists labaratory at home and works out the points and sends them to us. Please note though that occasionally our Scoresmith does some very secret undercover work in Poland and Nobby, believe it or not, does do some work, so the weekly scores can come out a little late. However I attempt to get the weekly scores and tables out just a few days after they appear in the Daily Telegraph.

The scores and tables are emailed to you but this blog is where it all happens. The weekly email will link you back here for intellectual reporting of all the week's events. If, for some reason your company block this, then let me know.

I mentioned interaction. When Keith and I were both working abroad, this was our number one way of keeping in touch with the market, gossip and our mates. Please email or text or comment on the blog any ideas you may have plus suggestions, announcements and gratuitous gossip, especially if it involves roofers or Romford.

The very best of luck to you all.

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