Monday, August 15, 2011

The N&R rules reminder

No one likes rules but we do have a few. Here is a brief overview:

*The N&R FL managers will be split in the two divisions. I think we'll call them N&R 1 and 2!
*Managers will be split based on last season's promotion and relegation, and previous N&R FL history. New managers will start in N&R 2.
*There will be no end of season league splits or play- offs this season and each Division's 1 and 2 will have separate prizes and there will of course be a number of places for promotion and relegation.
*There will again be the annual N&R Cup plus individual League Cups.
*Team Challenge Trophy, Benfleet Bet, best and worst weekly score and other spot prizes will continue.

*Re transfers. You can make a maximum of 12 transfers during the season.
*The weekly deadline is Tuesday at 6pm GMT.
*Players changed before the deadline will be available for any games that night. If the deadline is missed, they won't be available until the following Tuesday.
*Email me your transfers to:
*At all times your team cannot exceed £50m in value.
*We will regularly send out a player list, obviously it is regularly updated particularly after a transfer deadline.
*A team list is always available on request.
*We follow the rules, regs and importantly the player values of the Daily Telegraph and you can always check the list of players on their website.
*Your side can play in 4 different formations, doesn't matter which, and you can change it during the season.
*The formations are: 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-5-1 or 4-3-3.
*We have a Manager of the Week award, which is simply the highest score across two divisions. *The prize is £5 and will be shared if tied.
*There is only a MoW prize if a minimum of 5 Premiership matches or 10 Premiership teams in the FA Cup.
*Points scored in FA Cup games are included but not the Carling Cup, Champions League or anything else.
*Prizes will be announced later in the season.
*We reserve the right to evict anyone who doesn't pay the entry fee, which is £25 or $40.
*If you have yet to pay, you will be getting an email shortly with directions of how to.
*Nobby & Ready's decision is final.
*Bribes are acceptable, cash preferred but beer will sometimes suffice.

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