Friday, January 06, 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Nobby & Ready Cup

The beauty of the Cup, and us at N&R Towers have jumped on the bandwagon and will roll out the 2012 N&R Cup for this weekend.

Because there are 70 teams, we need to do a bit of a Qualifying Round first and therefore I have drawn the bottom 6 teams of each division against each other as follows:

N&R Cup Qualifying Round:
We are all Keith Lemon v Stocky's Starlets
Chillers Champions v Ted Striker's XI
Californication v CHAMP19NS - 20 in May
Still not a chance v Lazarus United
Arsene Still Knows v Asahi Kirin Sapporo Saki Eight
Nobby Junior v Red Ken Re-lives the 80's

All ties to be played this weekend during the FA Cup 3rd Round. Good luck.

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