Wednesday, January 18, 2012

N&R Cup Qualifying Round - Results

The N&R Cup, probably th emost famous of all insurance market fantasy cup competitions began the Road to The Lamb in week 22 (FA Cup 3rd Round Day).

Because there are 70 teams, we had to do a bit of a Qualifying Round first and therefore the following ties took place over that weekend and here were the results:

N&R Cup Qualifying Round:
We are all Keith Lemon 73-49 Stocky's Starlets
Chillers Champions 35-25 Ted Striker's XI
Californication 55-27 CHAMP19NS - 20 in May
Still not a chance 34-61 Lazarus United
Arsene Still Knows 11-31 Asahi Kirin Sapporo Saki Eight
Nobby Junior
56-36 Red Ken Re-lives the 80's

There were some decent scores from the so called worse dozen of teams in the N&R FL. Lee smashed Danny all over the place in the first game, Kate overcame Oakers, Chris beat Mark, Wenners scored big away at Nevilles, Danny was well beaten by Giles and Nobby came out on top of Richard.

The winners will join the other 58 teams in the the 1st Round Proper draw shortly.

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