Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Magnificent 76

Manager of the Week - week 22
Ken Cobbett was MoW in week 22 challenging last week's season-best score by Greg Foulger. Ken managed 76 points three more than Paul & Christian Long and Sweaty Baughan. Hang on, I need to check that....Bold
John McGowan and Richard Richards both hit 72, Andrew Wheeler had a season best 70, Michael Stout 68, Dewbs 67, GrBoldeg 66 and Mark Sterry 65.

Andrew Shepherd had another good seven days knocking home a 64, Steve Black 63, Rosie 62, Wenners surprised us with a 61 and Soozie holed a 60.
Other notables in week 22 were Nobby (yay!) 56, Ready 55, Waterman 55, Wrighty 53, Waters 51, Wardy (S) 48, Weeks and Wallis both 46, Woody 37, White 34 and Wardy (G) 29. Yes, this week's letter is W.... sorry I thought I was playing with my 2-year old.

Anyway the biggest W of the wee was Wosie. 11 points. You sure?

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