Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Light & Bitter and Light & Lager 2nd Round Results

These ties were played in week 16 and the results were as follows:

Light & Bitter (Div 1) 2nd Round

Loads of Roubles 41-39 Woody's Round Up
Still good on paper 26-37 Whitened Smut
Super Savlyuncheko 36-44 Hannoi United
Nobby Junior 39-47 The Magnificent Eleven
Bagpuss 27-34 To Elland Back
Travelodge Kettles
34-25 FFC 4 Ever
Gooner win League 49-33 ThE DrEaM FacTorY
Two points, two flats, and a packet of gravel 19-26 Brox banditos

So Ready wins the big clash of the round against Sav, Chris Wright upset Ian Kennett on the road and Nobby bows out of the competition, but at least he can now concentrate on the league.

Light & Lager (Div 2) 2nd Round
Pimp my side 48-39 Kings of Leon Osman
Muddy's Mavericks 33-45 Dynamo Chicken Kiev
The No Hopers
26-25 Lazarus United
Dalton Worblers 39-15 Californication
Red Ken relives the 80's 33-32 Kiwi Fantastic
Alchees Lubes 33-29 Brighton Blues
Luis & Carroll's Adventures in Wonderland 31-37 Glasgow kiss
Morgan's Machines 30-30 Conan's Destroyers

Some really close games in the Light & Lager. Brett just pipped Paul Long 33-29, Razor Nathan beat John Hardiman by a point as did Michael Stout who beat Mark Wenman. Rosie embarrassed Chris Waterman and Scott and Jason couldn't be split so they will replay in week 17.

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