Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New order

N&R Division 2 - week 13 update
Pure Irish
still top and still going strong but Dalton's Worblers are up to 2nd, Rosie's highest ever position and the gap between Hilary and the pack reduces to its slimmest margin yet.

There is a little bit of new order now in the chase for the top spots in Div 2 with Pimp my ride up to 3rd, Standard Ginger moving into a promising 6th, Dynamo Chicken Kiev a new entry in at 7th and Dan's Dribblers was a big climber too.

The No Hopers are 4th, 2infinity & beyond are 5th, Alchees Lubes 8th and Kiwi Fantastic 10th but Planet Kilpo, Gooner Go Up, Morgan's Machines and King of Leon Osman are all going backwards.

Not so Glasgow Kiss, who it is good to see back knocking points in. Brighton Blues were another mover upwards and at the bottom Lazarus United finally got their rear end of the ground and jumped ahead of Stocky's Starlets. Mark now has the best penultimate score.

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