Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Double top from Bluefin

Manager of the Week - week 13
A tie between two Bluefin brokers in week 13 for the coveted MoW. £2.50 each which used to get you a full meal in Benjy's but now buys you a biscotti in Starbucks.

53 was the headline score from Neil Bixby and Daniel Weeks, just a mere point better than our favourite ginger rabbit, Doyley. Our favourite Croat, who has been hitting the Rakija hard since Croatia's qualification into the Euro's next year, but despite a hangover Davor still managed to score a 51 and Kirsty is back with a bang and scored a nice round 50.

Rosie had another excellent week with 47 as did Graham Ward, who pocketed 46, the same big climber Tim Harris.

Danny Rose has been slowly moving away from the bottom of the table, a bit like Arsenal and Dan plucked a 45 out of the sky in week 13. Neil Reynolds and Oakers both hit a 44, Ken Cobbett 42 and we saw a 40 from Alex Boswell and Wenners, who climbed of the bottom of Div 2 for the first time since week 6.

Nobby scored a season's best 38, Pk 34, Huw 33, Ben 29, Razor 27, Ready 27, Francey 25, Lee Horne 25, Henry 23, Jason 18 and the lowest score for the 7 days was 11. Welcome back Tony Murray. We have no idea who stole your body!

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