Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Terriers bound into 6th

N&R Division 1 - week 6 update
If you could imagine Wigan Athletic being top of the Premiership in early October, then you can picture our good friend Ian Kennett and his Two points, two flats and a packet of gravel fantasy side leading the top division of the N&R FL.

To be fair Ian normally starts like Usian Bolt but finishes like Brian from Magic Roundabout so no one is getting out the bunting just yet. Ian leads with 251 points (identical to Hilary Ryan) and is 24 ahead of Woody's Round Up, where Ricky is continuing his fine form from last season. Bingo and Room with a view are 3rd a point behind Ricky and Paris Eagles is 3 more behind, so nice and tight light a gnats chuff up at the top.

In 6th is Tanus Terriers who made a big leap up the table in week 7, as did Harry Houdini. Guinness & eggs slip to 8th with ThE DrEaM FacTorY, Hannoi Utd, Good on Paper and To Elland Back each nicely positioned behind.

In fact only 10 points separate 8th from Loads of Roubles in 15th.

In the relegation space Financial Bale Out move up the table as did Pk's Sainsbury's Maggotts LMFC but bottom now rather embarrassingly is Nobby Junior. Time for transfers me thinks.

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