Friday, October 07, 2011

Horne & Merchant to share fiver

Manager of the Week - week 7
Another drawn MoW week. Lee Horne and Steve Merchant will share the fiver, the 2nd time this has happened this season.

Both scored 53 points, four more than Danny Rose, who easily collected a season best. 47 points was the score of choice for Greg Foulger and Davor, 45 was hammered home by Andy Cassell.

Rob Munden scored 44 for the 2nd week in a row, and our man in Japan Giles Crowley hit an excellent 43.

Bigg was next up as he makes his claim for Div 1 top spot. He scored 42, as did Mark Sterry and Daniel Duboux.

Other notables were Ryan Saveall 39, Tony Murray 34, Sarah Sheron 32, Aaron Bardon 30, Neil Addington 26 and Pk 23.

The week's worst score was 9 and belonged to Brett Davey, by far his poorest of the season.

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