Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Dalton's

N&R Division 2 - week 10 update
The gap between the top 2 closed a little in week 10 with 2Infinity & beyond now 28 points behind Pure Irish.

Up to 3rd is Dalton Worblers, who are having a fantastic rookie season. 4th drops the No Hopers with Alchees Lubes and Gooner go up 5th & 6th.

Kiwi fantastic jump to 7th and then Planet Kilpo, Full Metal Jacket, Pimp my side and Morgan's Machines all sit in the promotion places as well as new entry King Of Leon Osman.

Dan's dribblers slip down to 15th and Luis & Carroll's Adventures in Wonderland was another faller. Conversely Dynamo 'Chicken' Kiev and Glasgow Kiss moved the other way.

Stocky's Starlets are now in the prized penultimate place and Lazarus United remain bottom.

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