Friday, September 02, 2011

Ready pops

Manager of the Week - week 3
jumped from a relegation place to 7th in week 3 all because of his 76 point haul - the best of the season so far, and hardly surprising given the amount of goals. Brett Davey scored a very healthy 70, this on the back of last week's winning score.

League leader Ian Kennett scored 69, a good score whichever way you look at it. A 69ner also for Alex Boswell.

Hilary and Huw Thomas both smacked a 68, Millwall fan Andrew Shepherd scored 65, Steve Black 63 and Mark Gregory, Johnny McGowan and Michael Stout hit 62.

Other scorers of note (good and bad) were Peter Godfrey 59, the Man U packed Mark Simmons' side hit 55, John Hardiman 50, Tim Harris 47, Mark Sterry 46, Giles Crowley 40, Graham Ward 37, Nobby 26 and Danny Rose who somehow managed 9 points, this despite his whole team being full of Arse's..

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