Friday, September 02, 2011

Pure skill

N&R Division 2 - week 3 update
Pure Irish
are romping away with Div 2 after 3 weeks. 27 points is hardly romping but it is a good effort averaging 55 points at this point of the season. At this rate Hills will end up with over 2,200 points and probably a world record.

Up to 2nd is previous champion, although it was before the war, Brett Davey and his Alchees Lubes. Last week's MoW had another great 7 days and moves up from 6th. 3rd is another ex-champ (the 2nd Division has 5 in total) 2Infinity & beyond a point ahead of Full Metal Jacket.

5th are the No Hopers, a bit of nose-bleed territory for Michael in fact. Likewise my old mucker Alex and Megan & Hannah's Bears in 6th.

Luis & Carroll's Adventures in Wonderland slips to 7th, but Conan's Destroyers are upto 8th and the other promotion places are filled by Morgan's Machines, Gooner Go Up, Kiwi Fantastic, Kings of Leon Osman and Hammer Nation, who has only previously been in a place that began with a '3'!

Sons of Pitches was a big faller, Barceloner moved up a few spots as did Muddy's Mavericks.

Lazarus United are in the Penultimate Place position and Arsene Still Knows are bottom. Ooh I'd 8 2 be bottom!

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