Friday, August 26, 2011

Irish eyes

N&R Division 2 - week 2 update
Pure Irish stay top for a second week after another sterling week's fantasy work. Hills is a full 22 points ahead of 2nd place Morgan's Machines and Keith and I are thinking about presenting the trophy to Hilary now.

In 3rd is Plummer and 2Infinity & beyond held jointly with another title favourite Glasgow Kiss. Luis & Carroll's Adventures in Wonderland move up a few places to 5th with No Hopers in 6th level on points with Full Metal Jacket and Alchees Lubes.

In the other promotion places are Gooner Go Up, Kings of Leon Osman, Dalton Warblers, Conan Destroyers and Sons of pitches.

Guys, I should note that there are 5 ladies in the top 11. Very healthy I would say. Bit like a wilting salad.

The bottom manager is a bit of a turn-up. Danny Rose's Arsene still knows are holding everyone up with just 33 points on the baord. Danny has denied that he tried to buy Rob Munden from Travelers this morning for 65 pence.

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